A Boy Comes back to Life

The Okryu Children’s Hospital in Pyongyang is renowned for excellent medical service.

Many sick children at the crossroads of life and death have fully recovered there after medical treatment.

Among them was Jo Wi Gwon, an 11-year-old boy living on an island in Jongju City, North Phyongan Province.

He had purplish lips and clubbed fingers because of congenital heart disease, so he had to stay indoors from his childhood. It was almost impossible for him to maintain his life as he breathed with difficulty whenever walking.

He was admitted to the hospital in January. Medical workers held several rounds of consultations to analyze his conditions. And they succeeded in the one-hour-long surgical operation of tetralogy of Fallot.

The boy returned home in good health after receiving rehabilitation treatment. He is now romping happily together with his friends. His posture of squatting himself or riding on his parent’s back has already become a bygone story.

Doctor Son Yong Chan said: Little children like Wi Gwon are brought back to life again in our hospital thanks to the free medical care system of the country. But not only the patients but also their parents know little about the state benefits given to them.

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