Several Projects Completed in Kangwon Province

Officials and working people in Kangwon Province built a reduced iron workshop and alloy steel workshop at the Munchon Steel Works, Anbyon Magnetic Iron Mine, Anbyon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory, Wonsan City Trolley Bus Station, Munchon Sodium Carbonate Factory and Wonsan Fish Farm, and upgraded the Wonsan Communications Equipment Repair Factory.

The Munchon Steel Works manufactured hundreds of machinery, including egg-shaped briquette moulding machines, mixers and overhead cranes and solved such technological problems arising in making voltage control device and thus succeeded in producing reduced iron and alloy steel.

The completion of the Anbyon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory provides a guarantee for boosting grain production.

Officials and workers of the factory manufactured major equipment by their own efforts and technology, established an integrated manufacturing system and splendidly built a sci-tech learning space, hall of culture and combined control room.

The builders of the Wonsan City Trolley Bus Station successfully finished the project for an office building and parking lot, set up new routes for trolley buses and installed bus stops in a peculiar style.

Officials and builders of the province built in a short period of time the Wonsan Fish Farm for breeding rainbow trout, char and other fishes.

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