New Fruit Processing Factory in Kosan

At the end of September Kosan Fruit Processing Factory started operation at the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm in Kangwon Province.

The factory, which has put business management and production on a modern and intensive footing, is fully equipped with modern processing lines and staffed by competent technical personnel and skilled workers.

Its workers are strenuously acquiring advanced technology and raising their technical levels so as to operate machines at full capacity, while technicians setting a goal of ensuring the quality of all the products and developing new ones and striving hard to implement it.

Thanks to their efforts, the factory, though not long after its inauguration, has already produced Kosan-brand fruit wines and juices that are well received by consumers in not only Kangwon Province but also other parts of the country.

The factory presents itself as a strong competitor to the Taedonggang General Fruit Processing Factory that has been a top fruit processor in the country so far.

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