Japan’s Militaristic Moves Censured

The Japanese reactionaries’ project for building a military giant has reached a graver stage.

Not long ago, they officially announced a decision to extend the range of the Type 12 Surface-to-Ship guided missile in five years from 2021.

This is little short of an overt declaration that they would openly possess the means of war for aggression after shaking off the cloak of “exclusive defence”.

It is obvious that the said weapon is not for home defence as its range (one hundred and tens of kilometres at present) is to be extended to some 900 km.

The gravity of the issue is that Japan plans to deploy such guided missiles on the ground and also mount them on fighters and warships.

Japan’s air force is capable of carrying out inter-continental flights and its warships including an aircraft carrier-class one travel across the region and other parts of the world.

This being the situation, the target of Japan’s plan is as clear as noonday.

It is to constantly keep the neighbouring countries within the range of its strike by boosting its capabilities for air, ground and naval attack operations and realize its wild ambition for launching a surprise continental invasion at last.

The Japanese reactionaries are beefing up the military muscle while putting spurs to the retrogressive revision of the Pacifist Constitution that stipulates the renunciation of the right of belligerency and the ban on the possession of combat power. Such undesirable military moves aroused the displeasure not only in the international community but also in Japan.

Opposition parties and various public circles of Japan are raising their voices of denouncing the regime’s militaristic plan, saying its bid to extend the range of surface-to-ship guided missiles is “beyond exclusive defence as it actually enables Japan to ‘attack an enemy base'”.

Japan is a hideous war criminal state and defeated nation that inflicted indescribable pain and misfortune upon the peoples of Asian countries including Korea, crying out for realizing the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” in the previous century.

Japan’s dangerous moves for becoming a military giant to launch overseas reinvasion will only boomerang on it.

Japan is bound to perish in the flames it kindled if it runs amuck, oblivious of the lesson from its past defeat.


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