By Integrating Production and Processing

The Samjiyon Potato Farina Factory in the city of Samjiyon, Ryanggang Province, a large potato-growing region in the country, produces potato farina, a world trend of potato processing industry, and other processed foods.

The factory has established an integrated manufacturing system and been built into a labour- and energy-saving one as required by the era of knowledge economy.

The potato farina workshop has automated and flowlined its production lines and is germ- and dust-free.

When it started operation in 2017, it mainly produced potato farina and a few kinds of potato foods.

It set up new production lines and encouraged its employees to acquire broad knowledge in science and technology at the sci-tech learning space and take an active part in developing new foods.

Thanks to their efforts, such a wider range of potato-processed foods as nutritious rice, noodles and fried twists, biscuits and crisps have been mass-produced since last year.

The factory’s potato foods are of good quality and now well-known across the country as new specialties of Samjiyon where Mt Paektu, the most celebrated mountain of Korea, is located.

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