Folk Song Platycodon

Among the national intangible heritage of the DPRK is a folk song Platycodon (a root of broad bellflower).

The folk song was first created in the Hwanghae provincial region and spread to the northwestern provinces of Korea and then across the country.

This lyric song with localistic flavour became widespread in the urban areas by folk singers.

The song reflects the sentiments and affection of girls in the countryside who dig up the roots of broad bellflowers in the mountains as well as their plight of leading a miserable life due to feudal exploitation.

Its soft, clear, fluent and optimistic melody is so simple and plain in form and structure that everyone can sing it easily.

It is one of folk songs much favoured by the Korean people, along with Arirang which was inscribed on the world intangible cultural heritage list, as it fully represents their feelings and emotion.

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