For the Revival of a Child

One day in October, a severely-burnt case was brought to the Sepho County People’s Hospital in Kangwon Province. The case was a three-year-old girl Jon Ryo Jong who suffered second- to-third-degree burns to her abdomen, breast and both arms in an accident.

An emergency treatment team was formed without delay and several rounds of consultations were held.

Thanks to the devoted efforts of doctors and nurses, the little child came to her senses several days later.

But the medical workers were faced with a more difficult problem in surgical operation—shortage of skin for grafting—because the burnt area was too big and deep.

The county residents, who were told of the fact, rushed to the hospital.

Over 300 persons, including doctors and nurses of the hospital and working people in the county, donated their skins for the four rounds of grafting operation.

The little girl is getting better day by day thanks to the benefits of the free medical care system of the country, warm sincerity of medical workers and concern of many people. 

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