Famous Thaechon Lacquerware

The locals in the Thaechon area of North Phyongan Province in the DPRK have long since used the sap of lacquer trees as a paint.

Lacquer trees are distributed in almost all areas of Korea. Among them, the sap of lacquer trees in this area is widely known for its softness, gloss and fine quality.

The Korean people have applied lacquer to decorating dinner-tables, rice bowls, spoons, chopsticks, vanity cases, trays and other daily necessities and craftworks, regarding the Thaechon lacquerware as the model of them.

The art of lacquering in this area features that almost all the objects are painted in black lacquer and, in case of transparent lacquering, it is coated on the black ground.

The lacquerware are durable, clean and glossy.

The lacquer tree community in Hakdang-ri of Thaechon County was registered as a natural monument.

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