SDF’s Drill for “Protecting the Japanese” Flailed

Recently, Japan’s Defence Ministry gave publicity to the drill of the “Self-Defence Forces” for “protecting the Japanese” in simulated contingency on the Korean peninsula.

This is a revelation of the sinister intention of the Japanese reactionaries to justify their scheme for turning Japan into a military power and their wild ambition for reinvasion by stoking extreme unrest and fear throughout the country.

Orchestrated during the drill was such a farce that several hundred SDF members stormed a school where the citizens were forced to stay and “rescued” and evacuated citizens from there. It is as clear as noonday that such drill will stir up bitterness towards the DPRK throughout Japanese society.

Meanwhile, the Japanese authorities are mulling spending a huge sum of money on beefing up the military muscle, including the development of the weapon for intercepting drones with high-power laser, for which it has come under bitterer public accusations and rejection.

Against this backdrop, the Japanese reactionaries cunningly seek to divert the attention of the panic-stricken public into hatred and chauvinism against the Koreans.

What is clear is that the present Japanese authorities have vividly and openly revealed through the drill their ill design to reinvade Korea.

“Protection of the Japanese” being trumpeted by the Japanese reactionaries is a replica and extension of “protection of Japanese residents”, a pretext oft-used by the Japanese imperialists for provoking wars of aggression in the previous centuries.

In 1894 when the Kabo Peasant War broke out in Korea, the Japanese imperialists sent their army and navy to Korea on the pretext of “protecting” their residents, which led to the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War.

In the early 20th century, they invaded Korea by employing such a trick, and committed massacres and genocides out of chauvinism in the wake of the great Kanto earthquake and during the “punitive operation in Jiandao” on the same pretext.

All these facts show that Japan invaded Korea on the plea of “protecting Japanese residents” in the past, and it is now attempting to launch reinvasion on the excuse of “rescuing” the Japanese.

However, the militaristic maniacs’ moves to revive the imperial era will only precipitate their self-destruction.

The Korean people harden their will to surely make Japan, their sworn enemy, atone for its past crimes. Japan will have to pay dearly for its sinful conducts in the 21st century plus its heinous crimes in the 20th century whose accounts have to be settled.


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