Sapling Production for Next Spring Completed

Production of saplings to be planted in spring next year was wrapped up in the country.

The Central Tree Nursery under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection produced tens of millions of saplings of good species.

Officials and working people in Hoechang County, South Phyongan Province, completed the construction of a plastic pane greenhouse provided with an automation system, outdoor acclimatization area and gravity-fed water supply system to produce saplings. Those in Phyongwon County built a lab and bases for producing agrochemicals and parasitic bees at the parent tree nursery and conducted double cultivation of saplings.

Those in Hoeryong City in North Hamgyong Province and Jongphyong County in South Hamgyong Province established an integrated production system at tree nurseries.

Cultivation of wild fruit saplings went full steam ahead.

Tree nurseries in Kanggye City, Jagang Province, cultivated such trees as pine-nut, black walnut, hawthorn and Aronia melanocarpa by applying a method suited to their features and thus laid foundations for creating big mixed forests of great profitability.

Those in Thaechon County, North Phyongan Province, built tree nurseries between forests and raised the survival rate of saplings by cultivating them in an effective way.

Those in Thosan County and many other units of North Hwanghae Province introduced advanced cultivation methods for improving the fertility of nurseries and reducing the damage from pests and thus increased production of wild fruit saplings.

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