Taedong Mineral Water

Once upon a time, a diligent peasant lived in the present Taedong-ri, Tongchang County, North Phyongan Province.

Unfortunately, his draught ox lost its strength for several days, growing very thin. In spite of his sincerity, it failed to get better.

But several days later, he saw that his moribund ox began to grow fleshy and healthy. While following it carefully, he saw it drinking spring water gushing out of a crack in a rock in the forests near his vegetable garden. Out of curiosity, he drank the water and felt its unique taste. Several months later, he found that it was of high medicinal value.

Since then, the water began to be known as the Taedong Mineral Water.

The mineral water contains large amounts of hydrocarbonate ion, sodium ion, calcium ion, magnesium ion, iron ion and others.

As a subacid water, it is efficacious in controlling the secretion of gastric juice and treating chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, chronic pyelonephritis and obesity.

A mineral water house and a sanatorium were built in the spa for the promotion of the people’s health.

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