Efforts to Bring New Land under Plough in North Hwanghae Province

This year, officials and working people in North Hwanghae Province brought over 1 800 hectares of land by recovering the land inundated and washed away by flooding and typhoons and pushing ahead with the work to increase the area of arable land.

Those in Koksan County obtained over 150 hectares of new land.

Ryulli, Hyonam and Phyongam cooperative farms cleared wet land, ridges between fields and barren land to find tens of hectares of land.

Those in Phyongsan County obtained large areas of land by reclaiming fields with low gradients, and those in Rinsan County carpeted tens of hectares of washed-away land with fresh soil and turned over 140 hectares of barren land into arable one.

Those in Yonthan County increased the area under cultivation markedly as against the previous period.

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