Saenal, Close Companion of Students

Saenal is a favourite newspaper for senior middle-school students in the DPRK.

The newspaper traces its origin back to the organ (first published in January in 1928) of the Saenal Children’s Union which was formed in December Juche 15 (1926).

Its title implies that it will contribute to bringing up students as the pillars of the future.

It gives wide publicity to youth league organizations of middle schools that conduct various activities for inspiring students to study hard under the slogan “Let us learn for Korea!” and their achievements and experience. It carries articles introducing good experience of individual students who are exemplary in studying and life.

It also introduces news of sports and socio-political activities at schools, experience of do-good-deeds movements, scientific and technological information, common knowledge of art and literature and literary works written by students.

Besides, it deals with various stories about middle-school days of world-renowned figures and the trend of development of latest sporting events.

The 5 200th issue has been published since its re-publication in April 1971.

It is one of organs of the Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League.

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