Natural Monument—Strata of Bivalvia Fossils of Tertiary Period at Myonggan

Kundong-ri, Myonggan County in North Hamgyong Province in the DPRK has strata of the Cenozoic era.

The strata, which consist of sandstone, siltstone and mud stone, contain a large number of shellfish and snail fossils. So, they are also called “Strata of Bivalvia Fossils of the Tertiary Period at Myonggan”. They are about 50 metres long, 20 metres wide and 10 metres high. Fossils of various species of shellfishes and snails are scattered in lines or in heaps. In particular, various species of Anadara can be found there. Shells are thick and sharp in their upper part and whitish.

Also found there are stelleroida and crab fossils in the strata.

The strata are under conservation as a natural monument as they are of great academic significance in studying the geology and environment in those days.

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