First Ode to Kim Jong Il by a Foreigner

One day in November Juche 50 (1961), Chairman Kim Jong Il, during his days at Kim Il Sung University, attended a gathering of foreign students to celebrate the independence day of Albania.

The chief of Albanian students expressed thanks to him for his presence at their celebration gathering and proposed a toast to the health of President Kim Il Sung, the great leader of the Korean people.

Then, they held an amusement party, which began with a chorus of the immortal revolutionary hymn “Song of General Kim Il Sung”.

The participants were different in citizenship, nationality, language and customs but they, shoulder to shoulder, sang Korean songs and their national songs alternately with common ideology and aspiration.

An Albanian student said he would compose a poem for Kim Jong Il in reflection of honest mind of him and his colleagues.

Amid the thunderous applause, he started to fluently recite the poem in Korean.

In the poem he praised Kim Jong Il as their wise mentor and close friend and the sun of the future instilling in them infinite happiness and hope like the shining morning glow.

The poem “Long Live Comrade Kim Jong Il” was the first ode to Kim Jong Il by a foreigner.

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