Japan’s Plundering of Korean Rice

Early in the last century, the Japanese imperialists militarily occupied Korea (1905-1945) and ran amuck to plunder its agricultural products, associated with Korean peasants’ much efforts.

One of them was the plunder of Korean rice.

To this end, the Japanese imperialists proclaimed the “land survey act” in August 1910.

They concocted various evil laws and regimes for its enforcement and, under the signboard of “state land”, wrested over one million hectares of land the Korean peasants had cultivated from generation to generation.

Entering the 1920s, they began to promote the “increased rice production plan”, which was aimed at gradually increasing the amount of plundering of rice so as to carry 1.5 million tons of rice to Japan every year.

They took away their planned amount of rice, irrespective of crop failure, with the result that the Korean people had to always suffer from hunger.

Their wars of aggression prompted them to plunder Korean rice in a more vicious, desperate way.

With the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war in 1937 as a momentum, they became hell-bent on plundering rice, claiming that Korea should play a big role in the wartime grain production. In the 1940s, they mercilessly wrested Korean rice on the pretext of delivery of grains to the government.

During their occupation of Korea, they plundered 73 050 tons of rice in 1910, 420 000 tons in 1919, 750 000 tons in the 1920s and 1.5 million tons in the 1930s.

As seen above, they regarded Korea as a provisions and logistics base for its wars of aggression and plundered colossal amounts of Korean rice in the most vicious way.

Japan should apologize for its past crimes and make reparations for them.

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