Relics of Koguryo Wells Unearthed in Pyongyang

In October Juche 108 (2019), two wells dating back to the period of Koguryo (277 B.C.-A.D. 668) were unearthed in Rimhung-dong, Taesong District, Pyongyang.

Both of them were made by installing frames of logs on the bottoms and then piling up dressed stones delicately to build the walls.

Unearthed in the wells were pieces of red roofing tiles, earthenware and iron pot.

A broken stone paduk board, bamboo comb and other wooden relics were discovered in the vicinity of the wells.

The bamboo comb with 63 teeth is 13 cm long, 0.5 cm thick and 3 cm wide.

The relics were registered as preservation sites Nos. 1816 and 1817 as they demonstrate the developed civilization of Koguryo, a kingdom which had existed nearly for one thousand years in the East. 

Son Un Il, vice-director in charge of science research
of the Korea 
National Heritage Preservation Agency

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