Many Rural Dwelling Houses Built in Jagang Province

Jagang Province built dwelling houses for over 860 families by promoting rural construction according to a long-term plan.

Officials and working people in Kanggye City facelifted the Yahak Vegetable Cooperative Farm.

They built several-storey houses for tens of families, a cosy kindergarten, Yahak health complex consisting of a barber’s shop, beauty parlor, bathroom, etc.

Jasong County built a model village at the Nupdok Cooperative Farm and tens of houses for farmers in several areas of the county.

Junggang County built over 80 dwelling houses with its local characteristics by making effective use of locally-available materials.

Officials and working people in Songwon County built over 100 houses and those in Manpho City and Sijung and Hwaphyong counties made achievements in the construction of rural dwelling houses.

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