Jangsusan Fold

Jangsusan Fold in the DPRK is a typical one that shows the unique features and shape of tectonic movements in the Mesozoic Age (from 225 million years to 70 million years ago) in Korea.

It is located in Pongo-ri, Jaeryong County, South Hwanghae Province. It is a very large, elegant and fan-shaped fold, which is rare to be found in the world.

It stretches on spacious areas 150 to 350 metres above sea level. Its bed is about 250 metres wide.

The fold lies northwestward and southeastward with its both wings descending northeastward and southwestward.

Geologically, the area is composed of rocks formed in the later period of the Proterozoic era.

The fold was registered as a natural monument of the DPRK in 1980.

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