Kimchi, Proud Speciality of Korea

There is an excellent national custom in the DPRK of making tasty and nutritious kimchi with vegetables harvested in the autumn as preserves to be eaten till late next spring.

A foreign news agency, as to the Korean traditional food, reported that kimchi is a unique dish of pickled cabbage. A regular intake of kimchi may effectively prevent various diseases, it said, adding the must dish of the Korean people contains vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals.

Kimchi is recognized as one of the five health foods of the world and the Korean custom of making kimchi was registered as a world intangible cultural heritage element.

Housewives prepared delicious kimchi at home in the traditional manners and customs peculiar to the Korean people, but those produced at modern kimchi factories in different parts of the country also makes the people`s dietary life diverse and plentiful.

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