Beautiful Traits of Devotion to Others

All the Korean people are possessed of such a noble character as helping and leading one another forward and promoting harmony with neighbours.

The following are some examples.

Several years ago, Pak Jong Hyok, a doctor of the Kujang County People’s Hospital in North Phyongan Province, was encountered with Ji Myong Gum on his round of sick calls to a village.

The girl had been paraplegic due to an accident at the age of 22 while working at a railway station in a mountainous county.

At first, Pak commiserated with her, but as the days went by, he made up his mind to cure her disease.

He buckled down to treatment. He began to graft his skins onto the bedsores of her skin.

His colleagues positively helped him, with the result that the girl got to her feet again miraculously.

At midnight in mid-October, a woman suffering from serious uremia was carried to the urinary surgery department of the Kim Man Yu Hospital. She was Kim Jong Hui resident in Hyangsan County, North Phyongan Province.

A 7-hour operation was successfully carried out for her. But the following rehabilitation was as difficult as the operation.

Not only doctors and nurses but her roommates took warm care of her as they would do their own flesh and blood.

Thanks to their utmost sincerity, the patient was miraculously brought to life from the jaws of death.

Ri Pong Gil, a teacher of Pukmun Senior Middle School of Technology in Kanggye City, Jagang Province is a frequent visitor to the house of Im Sok Chol, a war veteran living in Tongmun-dong.

He has taken care of the veteran’s health as his own son would do. His students are following his example.

Kim Jin Mi working at the Ryugyong Construction Management Bureau happened to make an acquaintance with Choe Chol Jun, a special-class disabled soldier who devoted himself for the sake of the country without hesitation. She made up her mind to become his eternal life companion.

On July 17, their wedding ceremony took place in Munsu-dong No. 1 of Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

Such laudable deeds are commonplace in the DPRK.

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