Party Congresses Adorned with Labour Achievements

The Congresses of the Workers’ Party of Korea recorded in its 75-year-long history have been adorned with a new leap forward in the revolution and a turning point in building a thriving country brought about by the labour feats of Korean people.

After the Inaugural Congress of the WPK (October 1945), the Korean people, rallied firmly behind it, stepped up the building of a new, democratic Korea. Their high political enthusiasm and labour feats resulted in the overfulfillment of the national economic plan in 1947. With a pride and self-confidence that they can build an independent, sovereign state by themselves, they significantly greeted the Second Congress of the WPK in March 1948.

The war unleashed by the imperialists devastated everything valuable on this land. But, the Korean people rose up again with confidence in their own strength and conducted a vigorous campaign for increased production to carry out the three-year plan for the postwar rehabilitation and development of the national economy in different parts of the country. As a result, the total industrial output value of the state-run and cooperative enterprises increased by 131% in the first quarter of 1956 as against the corresponding period of the previous year. The Third Congress of the WPK held in April 1956 was adorned with brilliant achievements demonstrating the invincible might of heroic Korea in the postwar reconstruction.

The Korean people gave fuller play to their indomitable mental strength and patriotic zeal in the run-up to the Fourth Congress of the WPK (September 1961). The First Five-Year National Economic Plan was carried out in two years and a half in the fierce flames of the great Chollima march, with the result that the DPRK turned into a socialist industrial-agricultural state based on solid foundations of the self-supporting national economy. The successful accomplishment of the task for laying the foundations of socialism ushered in an era of overall socialist construction.

In the run-up to the Fifth Congress of the WPK (November 1970), the Korean people launched a vigorous drive to carry out the First Seven-Year Plan in all sectors of the national economy. The Kangson speed, a new Chollima speed, was created, and the work style of farmers in Chongsan-ri pervaded the agricultural sector, bringing about an upsurge in production in the sectors of crop farming, stockbreeding, fruit farming and silk raising. More than 1 760 local industry factories were built in a little over half a year and sharply increased the output of various consumer goods. With the completion of the seven-year plan, the historic task of socialist industrialization was carried out successfully, and the DPRK developed into a socialist industrial state in a matter of 14 years.

The Korean people launched a 100-day campaign in the lead-up to the Sixth Congress of the WPK (October 1980), during which they fulfilled the national economic plan for 1980 ahead of schedule and put the country’s industrial output on a high level.

They turned out in the onward march to implement the important tasks advanced at the Sixth Party Congress. But, they suffered the worst-ever ordeals and difficulties due to the imperialists’ moves to isolate and stifle their country and the consecutive natural disasters. Notwithstanding this, they advanced the socialist cause victoriously by displaying their mental strength based on self-reliance and ushered in a heyday of building a powerful nation.

They also waged a 70-day campaign in order to greet with proud labour feats the Seventh Congress of the WPK (May 2016) to be held in the historic turning point in accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche. Many achievements were witnessed in the electric power, coal-mining, metallurgical, machine-building and light industries, agriculture, construction, scientific research and other key sectors. A large number of construction projects were brought to completion ahead of schedule throughout the country, thus powerfully demonstrating the mettle and will of the Korean people advancing along the road of self-sufficiency and prosperity.

They are now on the 80-day campaign to greet the Eighth Congress of the WPK, which is slated for January 2021. The firm faith in their own ideas and cause and the absolute trust in their national might and their own strength serve as the dynamic force for bringing about a fresh leap forward even in the face of trials and difficulties.

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