Waste Stones Turn into Products

The Phyongchon Pre-fab Factory is gaining great benefits in the production of building parts by building a crushing ground.

Until a few years ago, it had no crushing ground.

This being the situation, it separated only sand and pebbles from the mixture of gravel and sand. Big stones were left alone with thousands of cubic metres of them piled in the factory yard.

Manager Kim Un Chol said: According to a rough calculation, it needed a lot of labour and fuel to dispose of the heaps of stones. But we would make big profits if we crush these burdensome big stones into different sizes of pebbles. We estimated the varieties of products according to the size of pebbles and concluded that we could gain great economic benefits therefrom.

So, the factory installed a conical crusher and other efficient equipment and started to turn out different pebbles with a size of 20 to 50mm.

The varieties of building parts increased over three times, and the demands for them rose for their good quality.

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