Women’s Ability

Rangnang District of Pyongyang has a housewives’ stockbreeding management board.

At first, it was organized in May Juche 75 (1986) as a housewives’ stockbreeding workteam with a view to supplying pork to the residents in the district by breeding pigs. Now it has been developed into a large business.

When over ten housewives started raising 100 piglets, they were lack of knowledge and experience.

But they have made painstaking efforts and studied hard for 20 years, with the result that all of them have grown up into zoo technicians and are now breeding 2 500 pigs.

They have built several pigpens by themselves and invented efficient machines for carrying and supplying feed, an automatic cleaner, etc.

They conducted strict vaccination and anti-epizootic work in all seasons. They increased the number of pigs by establishing a system of improving breeding-stock and produced large amounts of pork by putting feed-supply and breeding on a scientific and technical basis.

Manageress Ri Suk Hui, who is a national meritorious person of socialist patriotism, said: We feel pride in our work whenever we think that it will give a little help to the country. We will contribute to improving the people’s living standards by breeding more pigs in the future.

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