Autumn Plowing Draws to a Close

Autumn plowing of paddy and non-paddy fields was brought to completion throughout the country.

Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and the provincial rural economy committees across the country made scrupulous arrangements and guidance for the next year’s farming, including autumn plowing of fields and production of homemade manure.

Rural villages in North Phyongan Province took the lead in the plowing of paddy and non-paddy fields with the daily average record of 130% as against the period of last year.

Sinuiju and Jongju cities and Changsong, Kwaksan and Sonchon counties promptly repaired tractors and other farm machines to increase their operating rate, thus tilling one hundred and tens of hectares of paddy and non-paddy fields every day.

Agricultural workers in North Hwanghae Province plowed fields at a lightning speed, strictly adhering to the requirements of the Juche farming method.

Farms in Yonthan, Sangwon, Suan, Sungho counties properly set the order of plowing according to soil conditions and made effective use of various farming tools, thereby overfulfilling their daily plans by 1.2 times.

Several cities and counties in South Phyongan Province brought about good results day after day by raising the rate of mechanization in plowing.

Agricultural workers in Pyongyang, Nampho and other areas ensured the quality and speed in plowing.

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