National Trait of DPRK

The reality that the whole country turned out to help the afflicted people in the DPRK is startling the world.

A Korean resident in the United States was so impressed by the fact that the DPRK leader and people love each other like blood relations and are united single-mindedly that he posted an article on an Internet website, which read:

“Those who are engaged in the rehabilitation campaign are burning with patriotic sincerity that they would relieve the Supreme Leader of heavy burden and trouble, even a little, and feelings of love that they would build warm houses for the homeless flood sufferers before it gets colder and thus celebrate the coming great national holiday together with them.

“At the rehabilitation sites, people laugh and weep with love and the sun rises and sets with love.

“Can anyone see such impressive sights like those at rehabilitation sites and in all parts of the DPRK in any other countries?”  

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