DPRK Ensures Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The persons with disabilities in the DPRK are fully provided with their rights in all sectors of social life, including education, labour and cultural and leisure activities.

Disabled children of preschool age receive preschool education and recovery treatment at the Korean Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities and other childcare institutions. Educational institutions survey all disabled children of school age to give them compulsory secondary general education.

The country encourages the persons with disabilities to enter society after they receive education at vocational schools according to the types of their disabilities, and develops the Korean Braille and sign language in a unified way.

After finishing higher education, they work at institutions at all levels.

Ryang Chol Su, after graduation from Kim Il Sung University, has worked as a writer of children’s stories at the Central Committee of the Writers Union of Korea. He has written a medium-length real story, 80 pieces of short novels, notes, etc.

They also enjoy their right to learn through social educational networks.

The Sci-tech Complex offers the persons with disabilities a special reading room equipped with computers and Braille printers for the blind and other facilities and barrier-free environment.

The disabled with working ability have the freedom to take part in social labour. The blind work at Kwangmyong factories for them in all provinces of the country according to their abilities.

Orders, medals and honorary titles are awarded to those when distinguish themselves in their work.

Ri Phyong Gyu, a man with paraplegia, has repaired over 20 thousand generators and starting engines of vehicles needed in major construction projects for the past three decades. In August Juche 92 (2003), the country awarded the title of Labour Hero to him for his meritorious service.

The country gives subsidies to the persons with disabilities who completely lost the ability to work.

They enjoy stable life at disability care homes and old people’s homes according to their desire.

The table-tennis tournament of the persons with disabilities and amateurs is held in the country every year.

The sports contest of the persons with disabilities and amateurs, divided into such events of table-tennis, swimming and tennis, took place last year.

Table-tennis players Jon Ju Hyon and Kim Yong Rok bagged gold medals in the ITTF Asian Para Championships held in China last year.

The Pyongyang exchange group of disabled persons gave performances in London and other cities of the UK from May 26 to 30 in 2017, receiving a big hand from the audience.

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