A Boy Rescued from Jaws of Death

A 6-year-old boy living in Nampho City who had been at the crossroads of life and death was rescued from the jaws of death tens of days later by the sincere devotion of medical workers of the Okryu Children’s Hospital.

When he was taken to the hospital in October, he could not move an inch and was in a critical condition because of a large spinal tumour which paralyzed his arms and legs and caused other symptoms of physical troubles.

Based on a correct diagnosis confirmed through several rounds of medical checkup and consultations, the hospital made scrupulous preparations for surgical operation in a short period.

Medical workers of the neurosurgery department who took charge of the patient were the first ever to witness such a case. But, they found out the most suitable method of operation through their repeated consultations and made full preparations to cope with the postoperative complications and epiphenomenon.

They gave him an 8-hour-long operation by displaying a surgical deftness and brought him back to life.

After the successful operation, doctors and nurses took good care of the boy, keeping a vigil at his bedside. The boy began to walk without any help after 20 days, and left the hospital in good health.

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