Dozens of Projects Newly Built or Renovated in North Phyongan Province

North Phyongan Province wound up dozens of construction and renovation projects to be conducive to developing the economy and improving the people’s standard of living in the province.

It completed the construction of Tongnaegang Reservoir, Sinuiju Youth Open-Air Theatre, Hyangsan County Open-Air Ice Rink and other projects, and the renovation of the Sinuiju Chicken Farm, etc.

The completion of the reservoir opened up a prospect for increasing grain production in thousands of hectares of reclaimed tideland from next year.

Hyangsan County built in its town an open-air ice rink covering a total floor space of thousands of square metres, and Thaechon County constructed a terrapin farm.

The province carried out the renovation of the Ryongmun Cave, Thaechon Youth Rabbit-breeding Farm, Yomju Youth Fish Farm, Sakju County Foodstuff Factory, Ryongchon Duck Farm and many other projects.

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