County Prospering by Dint of Self-reliance

Thaechon County, whose name thaechon was originated in the fact that it has lots of rivers and streams, is situated in North Phyongan Province.

Seventy percent of its areas is mountainous and there are no eminent factories or enterprises.

However, in a recent decade it has undergone tremendous changes.

Witnessing other regions achieving prosperity by their own efforts, the county people realized that their affluent and cultured life could not be achieved simply because they desired it nor of its own accord.

So they turned out to change theirs into a county others would be envious of by relying on their own efforts and tapping out and enlisting every resource and potential in the county.

Overcoming manifold difficulties, they made effective use of the Taeryong River and built the Thaechon Youth Power Station No. 4 and other power plants.

Based on it, they stepped up the reconstruction and revitalization of the local industry factories as well as the construction of new bases of stockbreeding and mushroom and fish farming.

With each passing day, the county became rich and prosperous.

Foodstuff, ironware and other local industry factories have energized their production activities, rendering a contribution to improving the county people’s living standards, and the agricultural production increased every year.

The county town has been facelifted with the construction or reconstruction of gymnasium, Undok Health Complex, hospital, hall of culture and many other buildings.

Today the county is taking the lead in the land administration and forest restoration in the province and made a great progress in public health and education.

Local specialties, including lacquerware and grasswork, are well known across the country, enjoying growing popularity.

People in the Thaechon County, cherishing the truth that their own strength is the best, are making redoubled efforts to make their county a better place to live in.

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