Autumn Tree Planting Completed

Tree planting in autumn was successfully carried out in different parts of the country.

Officials of the General Forest Bureau under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection and in other forest sector made a detailed survey of areas damaged from natural disasters or with a low survival rate of trees, and ensured that trees were planted in a scientific and technical way while giving on-site guidance.

Officials and working people in Kangwon Province made devoted efforts to plant trees of good species in the areas covering thousands of hectares.

Those in Sepho County built a tree nursery, and those in Phyonggang and Hoeyang counties planted Kumya black pine, Larix leptolepsis, bamboo-willow tree, etc. and ensured their survival rate by over 90 percent.

Those in Wonsan City, Poptong, Anbyon, Thongchon and Kosong counties made inspections of forests around Pyongyang-Wonsan tourist road and other major areas and planted hundreds of thousands of trees. Those in Kimhwa and Changdo counties made vigorous efforts to restore the forests in the damaged areas.

North Phyongan and Jagang provinces planted trees according to a long-term plan.

Officials and working people in North Hamgyong Province promoted the campaign to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters simultaneously with the forest restoration and thus overfullfilled their autumn tree planting plan.

Those in South Hamgyong Province planted many trees of good species in order to turn the mountains into useful ones and are taking good care of them.

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