Progressive Force and Hardcore of Society

The 75th founding anniversary of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) falls on November 30.

In every period and at every stage of the developing revolution, the GFTUK, as a reliable assistant and champion of the Workers’ Party of Korea, has rendered active services to implementing the cause of socialism by rousing the broad sections of the working class.

The working class, who constitute the progressive and hardcore force of society, have been strengthened and developed into the heroic working class of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. They are now playing a leading, pioneering role in developing the self-reliant defence industry and building a powerful socialist country.

They have created numerous assets conducive to developing the national economy and promoting the people’s wellbeing and, in the course of this, they are growing up to be labour innovators, Heroes and deputies to the people’s assemblies at all levels.

They are involved in the study-while-you-work system, such as distance learning courses, to prepare themselves as intelligent workers and scientific and technical personnel. They are also creating a new culture of the working class by positively conducting mass-based sporting, cultural and artistic activities.

The GFTUK organizes and briskly conducts socialist emulation drive, mass technical innovation drive, do-good-deeds movement and other mass movements to speed up the construction of major projects of the country and thus encourages the working class and other trade union members to devote all their enthusiasm and wisdom to promoting socialist construction.

The GFTUK has worked as a vice president of the World Federation of Trade Unions since 1994. Under the slogan “Workers of the whole world advocating independence, unite!” it is further strengthening solidarity with the WFTU in the struggle to achieve global peace and prosperity and champion the genuine rights and interests of working people across the world. 

Kim Song Ho, vice-chairman of the Central Committee
of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea

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