Preservation of National Heritage in Full Swing

In the DPRK during the month for the protection of national heritage in autumn, efforts were directed to the preservation of national heritage.

Necessary preservation measures were taken to avoid damage from natural disasters in scenic spots such as Mts Kuwol and Jangsu in South Hwanghae Province and Lake Sijung and Chongsokjong in Kangwon Province.

The city of Hoeryong in North Hamgyong Province repaired an old castle in a qualitative way, and laid out the surrounding environment in harmony with the natural landscape.

Yonggwang County in South Hamgyong Province repaired the Taeung Hall in the Ryonghung Temple and the roads.

Kaesong, rich in historical relics, exchanged rafters and double rafters of historical buildings and repaired their roofs to sustain their national characteristics.

Jagang Province repainted such historical buildings as the Yongpha Pavilion in Huichon, Kanggye Government Office and the Yongho Pavilion in Chosan County, and replaced their roof tiles.

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