Preparations for Next Year’s Farming in Full Swing

The agricultural sector in the DPRK completed this year’s farming and is directing efforts to making preparations for the next year’s farming.

The Sinhung Cooperative Farm of Kangnam County in Pyongyang is one of them.

Ri Yong Gun, chief engineer, said as follows: This year, grain production suffered to a certain extent from the unprecedented flooding and typhoons that followed. But all the farmers worked hard, fully conscious of being the masters of agricultural production.

The farm did farming in a scientific and technological way in accordance with the seasonal requirements and soil conditions.

As a result, it overfulfilled the grain production plan by 20%.

Now it is stepping up preparations for next year’s farming.

The ploughing of over 500 hectares of farmland is almost finished, and obtaining raw materials for producing Hukposan fertilizer and substrate for producing fermented compost is being promoted actively.

And it is also gathering water for irrigation, and making efforts to put farm machines on a good state of repair.

Sowing seeds of vegetables for early spring is in full progress.

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