New Insect Fossils in the Late Creataceous Period Discovered

Paleontologists in the DPRK discovered new insect fossils in the course of intensifying the survey of the Paektho-dong area in the city of Sinuiju in North Phyongan Province.

The insect fossils collected from the third member of the Sinuiju Formation in the late Creataceous period are assigned to Sinuijuhelorus baektoensis gen. et sp. nov. (Heloridae, Hemiptera) and Stellularis sinuijuensis (Procercopidae, Hemiptera), and Angarosphex baektoensus sp. nov. (Angarosphecidae, Hymenoptera).

They demonstrate the geographical distribution and diversity of insects in those days, and are of great significance in finding a solution to the paleo-environment and the geological age of the Sinuiju Formation.

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