Daily Routine

On November 9, Juche 57 (1968), President Kim Il Sung provided field guidance at several units.

The first leg of his inspection was the then Ryonggang Chicken Farm in South Phyongan Province. After praising its officials and workers for overfulfilling the yearly plan for meat and egg production, he instructed them to build more chicken coops.

The second leg of his inspection was a milch cow farm in the province, where he taught its officials the way to solving the feed problem and instructed to supply milk to workers engaged in heat-affected labour.

The third leg of his inspection was the Chongsan Cooperative Farm, where he presided over a conference of leading officials from several livestock and other farms.

The conference lasted for two hours and ended at 1 p.m.

On returning to Pyongyang, he entered a room of the building of the Party Central Committee, where students and children in their new winter uniforms were waiting for him. Pressing the toe caps of their shoes and asking the sizes of their uniforms, he had conversation with them.

The time wore on toward night.

Noting that it was getting colder, Kim Il Sung asked an official to go round the city together in order to acquaint himself with the conditions of central heating facilities, public service amenities, nurseries and kindergartens in the capital city.

He visited a neighbourhood unit in Central District to learn in detail about the living conditions of residents and returned to his office late at night.

Then, he began to write on the work of transport and labour administration and left for his house at 2 o’clock next morning.

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