Koryo Medicinal Diet

Koryo medicinal diet is one of Koryo therapies to promote health and prevent and treat diseases by mixing Koryo medicines harmoniously with various foods.

What is important is to correctly make out a prescription for Koryo medicinal foods.

Those foods can prove effective when they are chosen according to the purpose of prevention and treatment of diseases and the physical constitution.

It is also important to properly decide the period and time of taking them and apply correct administration methods according to seasons and regions.

The Koryo medicinal foods are prepared mainly into boiled rice, gruel, soup, thick broth of meat, taffy and tea, etc. so as to make them delicious and eat them easily.

The Koryo medicinal diet is widely used in promoting health and treating diseases as its resources are abundant in the country and it is easy to apply and proves efficacious.

The Koryo medicinal diet is a national intangible cultural heritage.

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