Harvesting and Threshing Completed

All the farms across the country finished harvesting and threshing.

The Ministry of Agriculture and the rural economy committees in all provinces worked out detailed plans for harvesting and threshing and made careful arrangements.

Agricultural workers in Pyongyang promoted the work of taking in sheaves and harvesting and operated threshers at full capacity.

The farms of several cities and counties in South Phyongan Province carried out their daily plans over 1.2 times by rationally distributing manpower and vehicles and increasing the operation rate of mobile threshers and rice combine harvesters.

South Hamgyong and North Hwanghae provinces, Nampho and Kaesong cities and other areas concentrated efforts on threshing while speeding up harvesting as soon as crops got ripe.

At present, the farms across the country are making preparations for the next year’s farming.

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