Afforestation Goes According to Long-term Plan

The DPRK is directing great efforts to afforestation.

The Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, based on detailed surveys of present situation of afforestation in relevant areas, their long-term objectives and implementation of annual plans, ensured that they created forests on the principles of obtaining various industrial raw materials, preventing natural disasters and creating water sources.

It also paid close attention to creating mixed forests by planting tall trees with great economic value.

South Phyongan Province gave priority to sapling production by building a parent tree nursery and other nurseries between forests.

Hoechang County created forests of trees for timber production, oil-yielding trees, wild-fruit trees, chestnut trees and trees for pulp and paper production in a far-sighted way by planting species of trees including Korea larch, chestnut, Evodia daniellii and oak. Tokchon City produced saplings in a scientific way so as to increase their survival rate.

Singye and Rinsan counties in North Hwanghae Province planted pine-nut trees in a planned way.

North Phyongan Province created mixed forests on the basis of biological features of trees in order to secure water sources in several areas.

South Hwanghae Province planted many trees that grow fast with great vitality so as to protect villages and farmland from natural disasters.

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