Regarding People’s Trust as the Most Precious Asset

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, in his speech delivered at the military parade celebrating the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, solemnly swore that he would live up to the people’s trust without fail, even if his body was torn and crushed to pieces in the course of defending their great trust, and that he would remain faithful to it.

He regards the people’s trust as the most precious asset.

In summer of Juche 104 (2015), Rason City in the northernmost tip of the country was hit by flood. He ordered the Korean People’s Army to take the whole responsibility for recovering the city from the damage, and inspected the rehabilitation site in September.

That day, he said that the WPK is the party that serves the people and struggles to provide them with happier and more affluent life, and stressed that the rehabilitation campaign is not a mere project to clear away the aftermath of natural disaster but a sacred struggle to defend the people’s trust in the Party.

Some of residents in the area, who were told that the State had planned to build new houses, pulled down their houses by themselves, even though theirs could surely come in useful, if repaired a little.

Upon hearing the fact, Kim Jong Un said that they might probably not have done so if they had not put their trust in the Party and that their trust in the Party is more precious to us.

At the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the WPK (December 2019), he said that revolutionaries should regard the valuable trust of the people as their lives in order to carry on the revolution, and earnestly called on officials to become faithful and diligent servants of our excellent people, who work heart and soul for them.

In September, he inspected the rehabilitation site of the flood-stricken Taechong-ri in Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province. Noting that our people would pin their hope only on our Party and wait for the measure to be taken by it in such a hard time as now, he stressed that for our Party which regards it as its noble motto to believe in the people as in Heaven and keeps them as the root of its existence, it is the most important work to repay their trust.

Cherishing a noble view on the people that he desires nothing more than their trust, he continues his guidance trips of devotion for them.

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