A Medical Worker with “Treasure Hands”

Kil Jong Chol, section chief of chest tumour laboratory of the Tumour Institute under the Academy of Medical Sciences, is called a man with “treasure hands”.

Over 10 years ago, he was assigned to the laboratory after graduation from Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences.

He made painstaking efforts to broaden the horizon of his knowledge on the major field and acquire refined operation skill, with the result that he brought back to health many cancer cases and severest patients whose diseases had been diagnosed as incurable.

He has recently developed sophora-berberine anti-cancer injection, a Koryo medicinal molecular targeting agent, the first of its kind in the country, and introduced it into the treatment of malignant hydrothorax.

He also developed one lobe-conserving surgery by ligation of affected main pulmonary artery and resection of pulmonary lobe with video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS), stealing the limelight of the medical world.

He has written tens of essays on multi-disciplinary treatment of lung cancer and several books such as “Latest medical treatment of lung cancer”, thus rendering great services to developing the medical sciences of the country.

His research findings have been highly appreciated in the national sci-tech festivals and medical sci-tech achievements exhibitions held every year.

Hong Ki Chol, 48-year-old worker living in Sapho District in Hamhung City, South Hamgyong Province, said: I suffered from respiratory troubles for several years. When I was diagnosed as lung cancer, I fell in despair. But after undergoing an operation by the doctors of this laboratory, I feel easier to breathe and steady myself again.

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