Janggi—Korean Folk Game

Janggi (Korean chess) is a national intangible cultural heritage of the DPRK.

It is a game played on a chessboard, on which each player moves one’s own pieces to capture the opponent’s pieces and king.

As every move of the game is based on mathematical calculation and logical thought, its range and depth are unfathomable.

Its playing course is divided into three stages—taking up position, offensive and defensive, and conclusion. There are lots of tactical measures in each stage.

There are such sayings that “One checkmate brings twelve moves to a player” and “A player is beaten in one move”. They represent the diversity and depth of chess moves.

In the DPRK, this wit-against-wit game is popular among not only adults but kindergarteners.

Chess puzzles on TV and newspapers are also drawing the attention of people.

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