A Child Prodigy

The DPRK is encouraging kindergartens to give abacus calculation education to children.

According to kindergarten teachers, the image of abacus is formed in the right brain of children when have received this education. Such ability of imagining the abacus enables them to make a rapid mental calculation of figures even without using it.

Among them is Im Se Gwon at the Kinmaul Kindergarten No. 1 in Moranbong District, Pyongyang.

When he entered the kindergarten, he had a more outstanding ability of imagination, observation and memory than other children of the same age. A teacher discovered the bud of his talents and taught him counting on the abacus.

Under her guidance, the boy began to have a general idea of calculation on the abacus.

Five months later, he was able to easily sum up a number of six figures by applying the four fundamental rules of arithmetic even without using the abacus.

He raised a lot of questions while learning mental calculation, and acquired the knack of solving one problem from different angles.

He is now five years old. He is able to calculate a number of eight figures and have simple conversation in foreign language. His ability of mental calculation proves amazing with the lapse of time.

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