Bumper Harvest in Kwail County

Kwail County of South Hwanghae Province situated along the west coast of Korea is well known across the country for its vast expanses of fruit orchards, hence its name kwail (fruit in English).

In spring the whole county is in a thick veil of apple, pear and other fruit blossoms, offering a wonderful view. The autumnal scenery of the county is more magnificent with the trees heavily laden with plump fruits.

Such a spectacle is the outcome of persevering efforts of the county officials and agricultural workers.

At the outset of this year the county has erected a phosphate fertilizer factory by its own efforts, thus providing a sure guarantee for the increase in fruit production and improvement in taste.

Researchers from the pomiculture institute gave tangible assistance to the county’s fruit farming by solving several scientific and technological problems.

Songgok, Yomjon, Sindae and other fruit farms tended fruit trees with utmost care and carried out in a scientific and technological way all farming processes, such as tree rotation, fertilization, pruning, pollination and thinning.

They also applied organic fertilizers, hukposan fertilizer and others according to the growth and nutritive conditions of fruit trees of various species.

Thanks to their painstaking efforts, fruit farms in the county reaped a bumper harvest of fruits despite unfavourable weather conditions of heavy rainfalls and consecutive typhoons this year.

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