Happy Mother’s Day

November 16 is Mother’s Day in the DPRK.

On this occasion, one can see persons presenting their mothers with bouquets of congratulation and souvenirs with respect and affection for them.

Among them are a member of the Korean Children’s Union who made excellent academic records, a young scientist of new generation who contributes to the building of a prosperous country with cutting-edge sci-tech achievements, and a sportsperson who exalted the honour of the country with a gold medal.

Ri Se Gwang, winner of a gold medal at the 48th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, said as follows: Before my departure for the international game my mother told me to think of the country first rather than her. Her words greatly encouraged me to win the game, I think.

As mothers have made unassuming, painstaking efforts to bring up their children to be fine persons who think of the country before themselves and devote themselves for it, their children extend the warmest and most earnest greetings to the mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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