Devotion to Training Weightlifting Stars

Ro Hyon Chol, a weightlifting coach of the Amnokgang Sports Club, is one of ten best coaches of the DPRK for 2019.

He is devoting himself to training players who would exalt the honour of the country.

He has a special skill not only in selecting players but in organizing training sessions and taking the mental states of players well in hand.

In the training ground he is a strict coach who sweats together with players and, out of work, a meticulous father who is deeply concerned about their daily life.

The might of their single-minded unity resulted in constantly updating the training records.

In the course of this, he trained several weightlifting stars, including Om Yun Chol, an ace who broke the world record several times.

He was honoured with the title of Labour Hero of the DPRK and People’s Athlete.

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