Japan’s Impudence of Denying Past Crimes Slammed

Impudence of Japan arouses indignation and disgust of the international community.

The Foreign Ministry of Japan in an article it posted on its website recently insisted that Japan had never forced foreign women into sexual slavery.

It also shamelessly asserted that it is hard to recognize “forcible drafting”, “sexual slavery”, “200 000 women” and “hundreds of thousands of women” as expressions and figures based on historical facts.

This is an intolerable insult to the women of Korean and other countries who suffered untold misery and pain due to the Japanese imperialists. Such impudent language is also peculiar to depraved guys bereft of human sense of morality.

Sexual slavery, a hideous inhumane crime masterminded by the Japanese government and military, is the truth of history which can neither be erased nor be covered up.

The Japanese imperialists forcibly drafted and kidnapped a large number of foreign women including 200 000 Korean women in an organized way under the patronage of the government. On battlefields for wars of aggression those women were massacred with their rights mercilessly violated as sexual slaves. Such heinous crime has already been brought to light by testimonies of survivors and historical records.

Countless are the records proving sexual slavery.

Among them are the “Macmillan Report” declassified in 2018, a video showing the spot where the Korean women were terribly murdered on September 15, 1944 after being forced into sexual slavery in Yunnan Province, China, the 23 official documents newly collected by the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan in December last year proving the involvement of the military and the foreign ministry in the sexual slavery crime, and the map specifying the places in 23 countries and regions where the imperial Japanese Army detained sexual slaves.

A few days ago, a Dutch pressman made public irrefutable data proving that the Japanese army forced German women into sexual slavery in an organized way in Indonesia during the Second World War. The pressman stressed “the Japanese government should face up to the fact that Japan committed crimes against women of more countries including Germany during the war.”

Nevertheless, the Japanese reactionaries completely deny such fact, insisting even at the United Nations General Assembly that the records proving their past crimes against humanity including sexual slavery are “unreasonable and provocative”, far from feeling guilty about them.

The more desperately they try to sweep under the carpet their crime-woven history, the more vividly it will bring to light their dirty colours as criminals against humanity.

The Korean nation and the international community will surely punish on behalf of the women of the whole world the war criminal state persistently evading its legal and moral responsibility to humanity.


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