A Worker Obtains Doctorate

In October, Jong Il Ryong, refractory workteam leader of the Munphyong Smeltery in Kangwon Province, obtained a doctorate.

As regards his educational background, he, in his fifties, studied in the study-while-you-work system together with his colleagues.

He had been appointed the workteam leader tens of years ago. At that time, he made lead, zinc sublimate and white pigment needed in the reproduction of nonferrous metals, by recycling waste materials piled up in the compound of the smeltery.

In the new century, he produced valuable research findings, which were highly appreciated in national sci-tech festivals, hypothesis and idea presentations, sci-tech presentations in the urban management sector, etc.

Today, his workteam is in a position to develop and produce tens of kinds of building materials. Credit for this goes to the fact that the country has established an all-people-study system to ensure that even a worker studies to his or her heart’s content to be the masters of science and technology.

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