Trolley Bus Driver, 50 Years on

To Jun Gil is a driver of the West Pyongyang Trolley Bus Station who has been carrying citizens for 50 years.

Whenever passengers ask him about the reason of his longtime service as a driver in spite of his advanced age, he answers without hesitation: It’s my duty.

When he graduated from a driver training school at the age of 20, he harboured a great desire and ambition about his future job.

One day, he read an article of a newspaper that a project for introducing trolley bus into the passenger service in the capital city was in full swing with a view to solving the traffic problem and preventing air pollution, under the close concern of President Kim Il Sung.

He spent a sleepless night. He wanted to do a good job for society and people.

So, he volunteered to work as a trolley bus driver.

His colleagues would say that he is earnest and kind.

One day, his bus stopped suddenly during a morning rush hour, and he had a hard time as he failed to find out the reason for its breakdown.

He felt sorry for his commuters as he delayed their going to work.

Since then, he made painstaking efforts for several months to be skillful in finding out any troubles and removing them by himself.

For the past five decades, he has run about 3.25 million km, carrying millions of passengers.

To Jun Gil, aged 70, is a Merited Driver and a meritorious man of socialist patriotism.

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