Tree Nursery in a Mountainous Region

An inaugural ceremony of the South Phyongan Provincial Tree Nursery took place last June.

Covering an area of some 20 hectares in Unhung-ri, Phyongsong, it has greenhouses and light substrate production, seed selection and sowing grounds to produce tree saplings for the restoration projects of the province.

What makes the pivotal role here is the four plastic panel greenhouses with 8 000m2 of production area.

They are fully equipped with sunshades, watering and fog sprayers, ventilation and observation devices and other facilities. Tree saplings which sprouted and struck roots here are transplanted to the outdoor adaptation ground and keep growing there. In this way the tree nursery ensures double cultivation a year.

Its outdoor cultivation ground, experiment ground for acclimatization and round cutting beds are green with tree saplings and foliage.

Temperature, humidity, luminous intensity, carbon dioxide concentration, ventilation, irrigation and supply of nutritive liquids at all greenhouses and cultivation grounds are controlled by the integrated production system.

It has put saplings production on a scientific, industrial and intensive basis and is staffed with competent personnel who can lead the forest science development and the dissemination of tree-raising technology in the province.

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